Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009


Excuse me for my absence in recent weeks.
My computer was broken and needed repair. It has not changed this in my lifetime. My husband wants a divorce and moved out. He now has a new, younger, bitch! Fucker! My children and I just cry because it is just not different. But I'm trying hard to be strong.
In the near future but it will definitely give updates. I still have something for you in my box.
Love Greetings

Samstag, 29. August 2009

2 Bourlesque Fairies (NEW!!!)

22 Mini Poser Fairies (older)

2x4 Poser Girls (older ones)


Excuse my absence the last week. Because of problems with my provider, it was not possible to come to me online. Now I'm back, with a big update!

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Autumn Elements and Fairies (older and newer ones)

Autumn is approaching and so are there for you 20 autumn elements and 2 super cute fairies kids

Download here:
20 Poser Autumn Elements
2 Poser Autumn Fairie Childrem

Designer Preview Templates

Here you can download my preview templates.
You can quiet decorate them with your material and use for you to use either or even happy to give or sell.

Designer Preview Template Service ---- only valid till 1 September

This service is only valid until 1 September!!

Gladly would I give you my template designer service.
I will you, like my template to create a template.

The following information I need from you:

  • * Desired colors:
  • * Designer Name:
  • * Perhaps you want font:
  • * Lined or squared :
  • * Other:

Write me an email to: goddess_in_heels
In the subject please: LSH - Designer Preview Template

This service is only valid until 1 September!!

Samstag, 22. August 2009

2 x 2 Poser Girls (older)

2 x 2 cute Poser Girls

Download here:
Sandy & Mandy
Lissy & Jenna

4 Poser Racer Babes (older ones)

4 cool Poser Racer Babes

Download here

3 Poser Halloween Witches (NEW!!!)

Since I not only wants to upload older stuff, I have here for you 3 total new Poser for the upcoming Halloween period.

Download Here

8 Poser Spring Fairies (older ones)

A couple of sweet Poser Fairies for you

Download here

10 Poser Elegant Angels (older ones)

A couple of beautiful Poser angel for you

Download here